Our Services


Editorial Services

We collaborate with a network of editors to bring your book to top form. Making sure your book reads well is as important as the design and layout. We can provide both manuscript editing (also called copyediting or line editing, but distinct from developmental editing) and proofreading, and/or pair you with an editor to really overhaul your manuscript and make sure it’s ready for its debut.

Price varies Based on word count


We use a varied network of printers, both domestically and overseas. We would love to get you a print quote and explore various printing and binding treatments that would benefit your book. Price varies Based on print run

Short-run, Custom Printing: Sometime you require a small print run of 500 or less copies of a book. Maybe it’s for a family photo album, a high-end photography book, portfolio, or annual report. Often these types of projects benefit from some specialty printing treatments and binding.

Price varies Based on print run.

Book Trailers

Book trailers are a wonderful way to get to the audience and get them excited about reading your book. A short trailer can be a great promotion tool on YouTube or Vimeo and other social media outlets.

Author Website:

An author website provides an essential meeting place to connect with your audience—a place where readers can meet you as an author and interact with you to whatever extent you wish. We can design and program a site for you that is clean, easy to navigate, informative and engaging.

Author/Publisher Branding:

Our branding service is very much focused on giving your company a professional appeal. That may include developing an elegant logo for your indie publishing venture, or creating essential marketing collateral in the form of business cards, brochures, displays, advertisements and more. Success in the field of publishing is very much dependent on how your brand is portrayed and consistently applied across all of your marketing materials.